ARQUIMEA DEUTSCHLAND participates in the following R&D projects:


     - POWER RH: Development of a space-qualified rad-hard library.


     - PISA: Power robust IC design for space applications.


     - Beschäftigung eines Werkstudenten im Rahmen eines betrieblichen Innovationsprojektes. Analyse und Optimierung der operativen Aktivitäten
in einem Technologieunternehmen und Koordination von FuE-Projekten.
Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch das Ministerium für Arbeit, Soziales,
Gesundheit, Frauen und Familie aus Mitteln des Europäischen Sozialfonds.




ARQUIMEA DEUTSCHLAND GmbH (ARQ-D) is a German fabless company with Headquarters in the Technology Park of Frankfurt (Oder), founded in 2013 and devoted to rad-hard microelectronics design and test services, mainly for Aerospace applications.

The radiation-hardening capabilities of ARQ-D are based on the hardening of existing technologies by design. ARQ-D’s design, radiation, test and space electronic systems experts work together to define and apply the best solution for the hardening of microelectronics processes against the effects of the radiation (gamma rays, heavy ions, protons, electrons, neutrons) on the electronic components. In this way the ICs developed by ARQ-D are designed to be immune to electrical degradation by cumulated dose of gamma rays, latch-up, SEE, transients or displacement damage.


ARQ-D‘s Microelectronics Design Group is formed by engineers with a solid background in space electronics and microelectronics. The following capabilities can be highlighted:

  • Design and development of digital and mixed-signal ASICs in accordance with ESA, NASA or MIL requirements.
  • Digital back-end services.
  • Design of Space-qualified FPGAs.
  • Calibration and qualification of electronic parts and digital, analog and mixed-signal ICs for automotive, defence and space applications.
  • Radiation characterization and test services on analogue, digital and mixed-signal devices.



ARQUIMEA provides turnkey mixed-signal ASICs, covering the full supply chain from the definition of the ASIC specification in collaboration with the user up to the delivery of the qualified chip. This implies the establishment of a complete network of partnership with selected collaborators and suppliers for the different steps of the development and procurement of our integrated circuits.




ARQUIMEA DEUTSCHLAND is a spin-off of ARQUIMEA INGENIERÍA, with an independent business strategy and offers its customers products and services complementary to those from its Spanish sister company.



Im Technologiepark 1, 15236 Frankfurt (Oder)
Phone: +49 (0) 335 557 1717
Email: deutschland@arquimea.com